After seeing the influx of Indian people to Mastodon, it only makes me sad knowing how you literally can't communicate without having some presence on Facebook services (primarily WhatsApp) in Turkey.

Well, there's nothing stopping you from using SMS/Calls, but people still expect you to have the app.

While yes, Mastodon isn't that comparable to FB's services functionality wise, at least it's a start on getting people outside of the corporation bubble.

To be fair, most people don't care about who's behind their apps, so the only way for alternatives to actually get into the market is for the big platform to mess up, like what happened with India.

But then, Twitter did censor stuff (to avoid getting blocked for a N-th time, I assume) and that didn't make people leave, so what will?

The only realistic event I can see regarding Mastodon is: Someone will leak stuff here and get it banned, along with associating Masto with "the bad guys"

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Well, if someone made a Mastodon instance, and called it "THE NEW TURKISH SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM", it's possible for some people to try it out, but a lot of people tried that with proprietary sites, and look at how they turned out: Basically dead.

The fediverse had an advantage of already being populated, but since most people here speak English, and most Turkish people don't care about learning English, that advantage doesn't help much.

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