Quick question:

What would be the best way to expose a local (home net) directory to the internet safely?

I could always just forward a port and run an HTTP open directory or something, but that feels insecure.

My end goal is to just host some binary artifacts, screenshots or other small static files from an unused drive I have laying around.

I might have to just pay for a server and put something like a cache in between anyway since my upload speeds are crap, but just looking for options.

@admicos AWS S3 would do this for you trivially and, likely, extremely inexpensively.

@robertcc I did consider S3, but the pricing sheet looks pretty complicated, and I am a little worried about the per-request pricing, as _what if_ a file gets requested a lot, and I start to owe a bunch of money. (But then I am not entirely sure if that would be an issue for such a small scale)


You know what, I take it back. Assuming Amazon's own calculator is correct, an absurdly overkill example of 100 GB storage with 10 thousand POSTs and a million GETs only estimate about 3$/mo with "intelligent tiering"

And that's if everything got accessed in a 30 day period. If only a 25% of the 100 GB got accessed, it's only slightly above 2$/mo.

This might actually be very viable.

@admicos The sheets are very arcane for awhile but start making sense as you dig into them. For normal user/home level stuff it should be that couple bucks a month and it is very hard to recommend broadly opening anything on a home network in the face of how potent S3 is for this kind of simple file purpose.
It's a full static web server too! If you want to throw some pages to wrap around it.

@admicos Also don't be afraid of IA or RR, especially if the data isn't precious/can easily be replaced.

@admicos OMV Open Media Vault with Nextcloud as a container, and if you are security paranoid, pihole in otehr contaienr and some honeypot software also running.

Plus a hardware pendrive key as YUBIKEY

@mitcoes I think you misunderstood what I was asking. I don't exactly need a local NAS or a "cloud" like Nextcloud.

I am looking to host some files _publicly_

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