I was going to go sleep early today, then I decided to build LOS 17.1 for my phone which isn't even officially released anywhere (iirc)

so, that was ~10 hours ago, and it's still going on

update: /data seems to be properly mounting now (f2fs + encryption, assuming nothing went wrong)

just hoping it doesn't bootloop somewhere else now.

also, regenerating the caches on the initial boots are always pretty scary, as you cannot get a logcat, nor any visual indication that it's working other than the boot animation looping for what seems like forever

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update: I decided to call it quits for today. Cleaned out the LOS output directory and am currently building from scratch.

while that's happening, i'm trying to restore a system image backup, which will hopefully get me a semi-useable phone for the time being

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last update of the day: backup successfully restored. it boots and unlocks, i assume most other functionality work as well, but it's temporary, still

i'll deal with 17.1 tomorrow

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now let's see what the actual issue is

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update: IT BOOTS

i was just absolutely stupid and didn't read up on the Android makefile stuff, which didn't rename some files in a way I wanted.

The problem? This was an error on my own additions, and not on the base LOS system

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update: IT BOOTS with F2FS

gonna try encrypting now, I don't really see any reason why it won't work, but that's what I said the last time too

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