I successfully booted up a Linux distro on my late 2000's PC (making sure all hardware works and didn't die due to dust or static)

After adding some storage (likely its old HDD which I currently use for VMs) and redoing the thermal paste, I'm pretty sure it will run good as new.

Specs: Pentium E5300, Nvidia 9400 GT, 2 gigs of DDR2 RAM


Can't wait to play GTA:SA or Minecraft in low/medium settings.

I wonder if Nouveau drivers have acceleration for the 9400 GT, or do I need to use the now unsupported propriatery drivers...

Nouveau feature matrix shows stuff as "MOSTLY", and with power management as WIP (but engine and memory should be able to get re-clocked if I understood the table correctly)

On an unrelated note, I still haven't entered my sudo password and thought dd was happening, ouch!

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Or, I could just plop my 1050Ti from my current rig (used for GPU passthrough only) and experience how CPU bottlenecks work (lol)

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