Finally got to write this thing I had in mind for a long time now.

I don't expect any of my arguments to hold any water though, mostly want to get this off my chest, but if you work on any self-hosting friendly server software, please give it a peek.

(self-hosting friendly: any server software that isn't an open-washed corporate code dump)

"Keep your server software light"


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@admicos This is very difficult because sometimes a complex PostgreSQL-driven monstrosity can scale better under millions of requests than the suckless low sloc C equiv. And sometimes not.


Under "millions of requests" I'd be fine if the software takes extra resources. It has to serve millions of requests you somehow got.

But when they eventually die down (as they probably will on the majority of use cases), I expect the software to be light.

@admicos The archetypical example is that spawning a new Unix process to handle a single CGI request is easy and fun. If you get a few hundreds of requests it’s better to deal with it some other way. This is why Apache (#changethename) sux compared to nginx♥

Nginx is way lighter than Apache under pretty much any real world usage.

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