Fixed the dumb static file mistake and federation seems to be working. I guess I'll continue over on that account if anything else happens.

That fixed the staging domain on the identifier, but css/js still seems messed up. Will see what I can do about that

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nope, that didn't seem to do anything. maybe a total server reboot will?

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instead of a 500 i now actually get _something_ even if broken.

gonna clear nginx's caches, maybe that'll fix it

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bonus: my hacky "use templates outside ansible" script doesn't seem to care about prod vs staging, so that's another todo

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wait no no no

Nginx _is_ reaching the Mastodon backend. I am getting POST's to /inbox and they seem to work fine (return 204). The web interface just doesn't work.



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Yeah Nginx isn't even reaching the mastodon backend for some weird reason but I'm more interested in HOW THE STAGING DOMAIN GOT IN HERE

gonna re-run ansible, maybe that'll fix it somehow

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ripgrep cannot seem to find any references to "staging.local" in mastodon's files, did it somehow stick in the database? how would it?

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Why is Mastodon thinking it's running on my staging domain? the ".env.production" file has the correct domain and nginx routes the correct domain, what?

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Well, if my internet connection didn't find the perfect few hours to unnecessarily slow down even more than it is that would be sweet.

(Thank god for mosh!)

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Let's Encrypt setup worked (I assume, certs got generated)

Re-building all configuration that accidentally got built w/ ssl disabled and hopefully everything* should be up soon.

*: Mastodon might not be. I migrated the database and the public/system folders but I am still not sure about it yet.

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youch! i must've accidentally disabled ssl in my prod config, probably happened while i was copying my staging config and i just forgot to enable it :/

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unwanted update 2:

migrated database content for gitea and miniflux, also moved over the data and repos folders for gitea

gitea seems to show repository contents but i cannot be 100% sure because the only way i could test is via curl'ing localhost because the ssh setup hasn't run yet

miniflux also shows up a login page instead of straight-up crashing, so that's a good sign (even if it wasn't, miniflux is private so no one really cares)

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unwanted update: seems to be going really well so far, no unexpected errors, though mastodon itself isn't installed yet and that's the only piece of software i am worried about. maybe except the ssl config.

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"main" account at toot.ebc.li is currently down because i'm migrating to a new server with better infrastructure and i shut mastodon down just to be safe

ain't it great that i still haven't deleted the 2fa setup for this one?

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