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cw: depression, again 

cw: depression, again 

status update: watching the federated timeline being bored out of my mind while everybody is having fun

i was going to say "luckily that never happened" but i just clicked boost on my own toot

luckily it had a confirmation dialog, so we're fine

i also have this weird fear on phones, where i always think "i'll accidentally fav or rt someones toot and get them weirded out"

i have to use a laptop for the weekend and i'm worried my broken touchpad will accidentally click on something it shouldn't

i should've joined a more tech oriented instance, the timelines here are weird

i guess it's kind of late now

Something is happening at the school next to me and they're playing Gangnam Style out loud.

In 2019.
Gangnam Style.

Isn't it, like, dead?

TIL that Font Awesome has a Mastodon icon

I want to automate stuff but I have nothing to automate how does this even work

Now that all my motivation is dead I don't want to work on my current project anymore.

This is what happens to everything I do, send help.

Debugging exporting files without a debugger and I currently have 10 copies of almost the same thing.

ps: should I make "dev logs" of the things i'm doing? i dont know what to post but I dont want to post too much either what do


Ah shit I bought a 100gb of cloud storage what's wrong with me

my raspberry pi changed its local ip from 192.x.x.18 to 192.x.x.100 and now I'm scared it'll do it again

at least it's now a little more memorable

I just found out that Discord doesn't "support" bots receiving voice data.

Many good ideas died today.

I wish Matrix was more widespread, so I could get out of Discord, but good luck getting people to use FOSS stuff, I guess.

So, let's say I have a single directory that I want to be able to access from the internet/via a phone with a nice UI. How would I go about doing that?

Looking for something like Nextcloud/Seafile but without the overkill that is multiple accounts/addons/whatever. Syncing is alright though

Yeah, that's not happening. It made a great blog post though.It'll be up whenever I finish writing it.

Screw content, I'm bringing the blog to IPFS. For no reason at all

And I still won't write any content into it, as I still have nothing to write.

Wonder what else I'll do to that poor blog, except writing content, that is.

My blog now supports `prefers-color-scheme: dark` even through my Firefox (nightly) doesn't use it for some reason.

Now, I only need to write content, which is the part where I just give up. yay

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