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Is there any interest in a library w/ tokio & async/.await (futures 0.3)?

I'm making one for my own use, but it's currently only integrated to my needs. If there's any interest, I might release it standalone, so please let me know!

(currently pre-prototype, though, _just_ got to the READY event)

I just messed around with my userChrome.css files for FF, and managed to get literally every bit of UI out of the way, and into 4px lines I can hover to reveal the actual menu.

After months of broken CSS, it feels refreshing to just have my content and nothing else

so... uhh... I am still in the process of configuring Gentoo, and, I didn't expect it to take literal DAYS.

at least it boots up fast, that's for sure

and I think my second monitor has finally decided to end its life, after being on life support for so long. so long, friend!

So, it's 2 AM, I am kinda sleepy, but not enough to actually go to bed, and I'm bored.

This is the perfect time to reformat my desktop even though there's literally nothing wrong with it.

I wonder, which distro should I try next... Should I stay safe with Arch, test my patience with Gentoo, or try something wilder.

I swear, my GPU Passthrough Windows install (on a seperate HDD) survived more than two Linux installs with a third one now being threatened, and that feels weird.

Small update: There's now a proper automatic build script instead of Markdown files telling you what to do line by line, so that should help anyone willing to help out.

development update:

Literally nothing happened after my last post. I'm trying really hard not to give up, but since it's not something I need personally, I don't really see any motivation in continuing it.

If anyone is willing to help develop a fork that respects by default (no tweaking needed), let me know and I'll open the repo up if there's enough interest.

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Also, LOL at all the blockchain people replying to Jack's post about their new "groundbreaking service that is definitely not advertising and definitely not because I bought their coin and am waiting for it to rise so I can sell it and leave them because I don't care about actual decentralization but money or buzzwords lmao"

Welp. It's been a fun few months (for me) over here. Can't wait until "the birds"(tm) EEE ActivityPub, and by extension, Mastodon.

Also, no Google! The default search engine is DDG (with Qwant as an extra option, maybe more in the future?)

And Google's safebrowsing should be mostly disabled, with most URL's redirected back into localhost, though I haven't really tested it properly.

Also, an (unlisted) Git repo is up, though it'll take some time before I can even call it a proper prototype.

development status:

uBlock Origin with extra filter lists pre-installed

Most Firefox/Mozilla branding has been removed, only keeping some help links, AMO integration, and some other QoL stuff for the average user

No traces of Pocket in the UI, though I think it's embedded deeply in the browser, so it might be hard to completely cut it out

There shouldn't be any random add-on recommendations now, though I haven't properly tested that

No stupid website shortcuts on the homepage

The browser's "code name" (and unless there's a good reason, the final name) will be Indigo.

So, let me reserve the hashtag for it here, and let's just hope I don't abandon this thing too :)

(p.s: The icon looks horrible, I know. I'm just a bad designer, that's all)

So... I've decided to do something very stupid:

I'm building my own "fork" of Firefox.

(Well, technically a patchset, but I am re-branding the browser)

It's just going to be FF with some privacy tweaks applied out of the box, aimed for the casual user.

If anybody is interested, let me know and I'll put it up on a repo somewhere.

(Currently, it's just some about:config changes plus bundled uBlock Origin, but I'm planning for more)

I have no idea how I managed it, but I ran out of /tmp space somehow.

Also, protip: Do not `rm -rf /tmp`. Just reboot. It's way easier.

I just LOVE the Firefox build system.

You make a totally unrelated change (e.g. Change the current branding)

and it errors out on some missing C/++ header.

Comment out said change, it still doesn't work.


Anyone here know of some interesting IRC/Matrix channels to lurk around in?

I get bored after F5'ing Reddit and prefer not to join any more Discord servers than I need.

Now, you might say "just use <something.js>", and... No.

Flutter would probably be the only non-native non-game tech I would consider, but even with that, all the Blocs, Streams, async stuff look really hard to get my head around.

And the worst thing? There is one Flutter app I made that's still in production.

It's following the best practices, and keeping code tidy, that make me absolutely loathe Android app dev.

I really want to write a proper Android app, but all these best practices, patterns, DI, DAO, Room, Jetpack, AndroidX, RxWhatever, fragments vs activities, are driving me insane!

I compiled my own ROM builds, ported an Xposed module into said builds, added my own features from scratch in said builds, yet I cannot make a REGULAR APP FOR REGULAR DEVICES FOR REGULAR PEOPLE.

With some minimal searching, I only found as a somewhat suitable alternative.

(Most others looked too expensive)

Does anyone have any good/bad experiences with them?

So, I think I'm done with Tutanota, as they don't seem to be open to implementing IMAP/SMTP.

Does anyone have recommendations on an alternative e-mail host? My requirements are:

- Custom domain support
- IMAP/SMTP (preferably w/o bridges)
- Around the same price as Tuta (€12/yr)
- Somewhat trusted (Don't really need E2E, but don't want to be data mined either)

(I don't usually say this, but please boost or send to people who might know a thing or two)

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