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Million dollar idea: all the girls on this site unite and create the rad left wlw mastodon: a bunch of girls wanting to kiss girls and probably not actually doing it

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about me: me gusta la musica me gusta la comida y me gustan las chicas soy lesbiana homosexual de chcias quiero novia

dadme boost aqui para que todo el mundo que me seguia en me siga aqui tambien porfa

my friends, i'll be opening accounts on different instances to explore how this web site works, when i find one that suits my needs i will notify you

Hey fellow tootersl! I will be moving to another account as soon as i find a nice instance! This one is a bit too packed for my taste but I'll come with my new account to follow all my frens 😊

self-rt is now called “tooting your own horn” i invented it

Soy mala hasta escribiendo macho las******

PSA FOR ALL WHITE PEOPLE LISTENING TO RAP: instead of the n-word we gotta start replacing it with “cracka”

vale he mirado y puedo dejar que me envieis mds aun teniendoos silenciados

si os cansais de dar por culo avisad ^^

Voy a silenciar a todos lo sque hagan copipastas, sois muy cansinos.

Si alguien deja de hacerlos y quiere que le dessilencie que em lo diga por algun medio alternativo

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