"a lack of international standardizations (and the inability to convert numbers) resulted in a mismatch of metric units versus English units, causing NASA’s Mars Orbiter to completely miss entering orbit around Mars in 1999"

This is possibly the most American thing I've read in some time.

@hugh man I remember when that happened. Absolutely gobsmacking.

@adr @hugh *sobs* I am too old to function function in metric, even though I have some basic conversion stuff, and *sobs*


@platypus @hugh man consider being an American who moves and naturalizes. Like I use pounds for body weight but grams for other things. Inches when I'm trying to estimate how long something is but centimetres when I go to measure. Fortunately I'm all Celsius now except I gotta do hurried conversions in my head when I talk to my parents etc

@platypus @hugh oh and it's all cups and teaspoons but that's the case for everyone here afaik

@adr @platypus I was so mad the day I discovered “cup” is not an internationally standard measure. “Wait is that an American cup, a British Imperial cup, or a metric cup?” 🤯

@adr @platypus yeah Australia went metric around the 1950s I think? So there are strange vestiges like newborn baby weights are in ounces and human heights often in feet and inches, and beer comes in pints. But gosh no engineer would ever take Imperial units seriously.

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