@adr just noticed I was sitting next to a motherfucker who wasn't wearing his mask over his fucking nose and Christ if I get covid from this dipshit I am going to be pissed

@adr Bob Noncompliance is now giving everyone a hard time about having to wait for a CT; I almost feel like telling him how the American system just about fucking bankrupted me and to shut the hell up and wait

@adr somewhat hilariously the longest time Ive ever had at an ER was in the States and it was like 24 hours. It was right next to where I worked and because I was young and stupid I went right to work from the ER despite not sleeping

@adr so I probably don't have kidney stones but I might have pancreatitis. Ok. Not sure how to feel about that.


@adr so I do have pancreatitis, but some weird pancreatitis that shows up on a CT scan but not in my blood or urine? I guess? Ok? So I have a follow-up appointment next week? I actually feel good about this.

@adr Sounds like it's better than it could be, yeah? Fingers crossed for you

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