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hello everybody, i worked really hard on this song/video and it would mean a lot to me if you checked it out!!


this is a pure logic thing it only relates to the geometry of the shapes. this is an easy example. all the shapes on the left are 'closed'

a bongard problem is a cognition exercise where the contents of EVERY box on the left share a 'rule' that the contents of EVERY box on the right do not have. here's one i made can you solve it

webdev question: if i have a button that leads to another page on the website, is it better to have it link to a separate html file or have all the elements in one main html file and toggle their visibility in the js file? i can see how this mainn html file would become cluttered but is that the only downside? it's a simple website

i've got a part time job at crate & barrel. so i'm just working at crate for now

@adrenalineetc the problem with society these days is capitalism has completely alienated us from our natural sense of empathy and community [coworker ate my snickers from the fridge]

the key to complaining online about something One person said to you irl is to talk about it in general terms as if you’re making some astute observation about an imaginary hivemind

my reaction to seeing a guy writing a journal entry on the train station platform was to say “oh shut up” in my head

andrew yang’s only against circumcision because he wants to give everyone a UBI

listened to the first few songs on this 2019 bill callahan album and instantly bought a ticket for when he comes to my city

lyndon b johnson would pee in front of state officials to intimidate them whilst discussing legislation. he would pull his pants all the way down to his ankles at the urinal and proudly proclaim that his mother "potty twained" him. he would wipe his ass afterwards for no reason

@adrenalineetc My cheat:

get f*gged up with the 'project' open or present, say your shit to it why you aren't doing it right now: at the end of the evening you'll find yourself filled with either guilt OR motivated.

if guilt: again!

if motivated: sleep well (8+ hours) and have the most chill hangover day ever while happily darting around 'planning' the stuff and go at it the next

is anyone on here actually productive. how do you do that shit. have an important deadline in a month and its like im watching myself do nothing in the 3rd person

when i was a kid i'd sort of figured out that it was considered a compliment to tell adults they looked younger than they were so one day i told a 22 y/o woman that she looked like she was 5 years old

it's bullshit that The Garden make cool music and also get to look like that .

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