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bringing squished under a piano vibes to the website. yes ive got piano key teeth, don't laugh

Hi everyone, today I'd like to write a short (lol) thread about a topic that comes up again and again in both leftist circles and discourse at large surrounding media. I don't have a definitive argument to put forward, but I hope to encourage discussion and to invite all of you to think critically and make steps towards a clearer understanding of what is often a rather hazy concept. I'll use CWs but be advised I'll be discussing upsetting things throughout.

So, without further ado: irony.

if she's your girl why is she drinking my spinal fluid?

ben shapiro absolutely ANNIHILATES chipotle worker who JUST WANTS TO KNOW whether he wants SOUR CREAM or not

live debates are a fucking awful way of mediating who has a better opinion in general. they suck.

here's a scenario: your opponent cites some obscure figure they've completely decontextualised/manipulated to fit their argument. you haven't heard of this statistic. i mean, why would you have? it's irrelevant! but how are you meant to respond to their citation if you have zero knowledge of its source? live debates don't just allow these tactics to be used, they actively incentivise them!

it's easy to seem like you got the upper hand when you have a long list of statistics you straight up fabricated beforehand

why do conservative internet pundits think ‘winning’ debates against random people on the street who didn’t prepare at all is impressive

one day i will post a long winded semi educational essay thread about lcd soundsystem. it is the only essay i am qualified to write. i hope that the 5 people on this site who listen to them on will be awake when i post it

i want a church girl that go to church Show more

can't believe the new york times would print my shitposts without crediting me

she had the apple bottom jorts
boots with the jorts (the jorts)
had the whole club looking at Mort (Mort)

taking off my infant son’s diaper and replacing it ,with a much cleaner diaper

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