you were “gifted & talented” in elementary school, choose your path:

⚪️ overestimating how smart you used to be
⚪️ being insufferable on line
⚪️ fetishising your own sadness
⚪️ somehow finding a way to perfectly preserve your superiority complex
🔘 all of the above


A for me

Thought I was a fucking genius because I have a good memory and most tests in elementary,middle, and high school only involved memorizing and regurgitating answers so I had all As.

Then college hit me like a baseball hat to the head and I had to learn how to actually think and study. You couldn't get by with just a photographic memory of the textbook.

@adrenalineetc my school just pulled us out of regular classes and had us make crayon rubbings of things and slide rulers and stuff until we got far behind enough on the subjects being taught that we could rejoin the normal class

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