please don't tell me you 'understand' the Pythagorean Theorem. no one does. it makes no fucking sense . whats a triangle

@adrenalineetc Oh, well, it's simple, really!

First we have to ask ourselves what a triangle isn't. Now... *goes on for about ten pages worth of content*

@adrenalineetc as a ridiculously spiritual number person, i'll have you know Pythagoras was a hellfucker

@adrenalineetc all of my posts are non-binary, a quarter joke and a quarter dead seriousness and a full half "who knows it's a brushy post"

that guy had so many good ideas about numbers. why did he get to be the one with those, he used em for such rigid ideas. who gave him the right to 3:4:5 relationships in numbered modal spaces

@adrenalineetc Pythagoras allegedly did.

Of course the famous a^2 + b^2 = c^2 only works on a true 2d plane.

I'm more fascinated by Fermat's Last Theorem to be honest.

@adrenalineetc Is it a joke I don't get, or would you like Pythagoreas's demonstration?

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