r/standupshots is the funniest subreddit by a country mile but i don't think its on purpose

@adrenalineetc Well I listen some podcast like Tin Foil hat (Sam tripoli) and some joe rogan, Stand up comedians sometimes steal jokes. The names I just yped acusse some people of doing that, pretty fun beef, pretty famous guys I guess (I'm dutch, I only know shizzle by proxy).

So you know, amateurs take things like that too a next-beef levels, crazy instagram rants, Epic tweet battles etc.

I just hoped some comedian somehow was on the sub and went Ragemode because it's was his joke.

@Mnemonic @adrenalineetc if I wrote either of these jokes I would be relieved if someone freed me from them

@adrenalineetc I'm always saying we should take more life lessons from the Punisher

@adrenalineetc I can't decide which is more impressive, this guy's understanding of women or his sheer ability to write a perfect punchline

@adrenalineetc this guy is like 30% of the posts and every one is the worst thing I have ever seen

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