I wanna work on tech that's resilient against commercialization and exploitation.
I wanna work on tech that widens the cracks instead of filling them.
I wanna work on tech that grows between cobblestones and in messy backyards, not on endless farmlands.
I wanna work on tech that's used in huts and tents, not high-rises.
I wanna work on tech that can't ever be turned against us.

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@adrianheine what is the tech like that you actually do work on?

Also, any inspirations/leads/links/terms for the type of software you do describe? I like it!

@nicksellen I'm pretty clueless :/ I do some work for our community supported agriculture and probably should do more.

@adrianheine I feel like there should/could be a clearer definition or movement to attach to.

@nicksellen I would like to work on youtube-dl, or lilypond, or decentralized communication systems.

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