i thought everyone got it? It was, like, pretty damn blatant about it?

like, it's a fascist government indoctrinating youth and demanding military service from them before it grants them full citizen status then throwing them into a meat grinder.
it's not at all subtle. it basically turns to camera every few minutes and goes “you are getting this, right?” basically bashes you over the head with it.

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@FuchsiaShock I'm pretty sure 20 years ago I thought it was just trashy. It's just not too far away from what people say in serious.

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@FuchsiaShock I think that's my issue with most satire in general. It's re-stating what others have been saying but with markers that you consider it bad. That's still re-stating the bad thing & the markers might be context-dependent and not easy to understand for everyone. I think it just adds to the noise and makes people accustomed to the bad idea.

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