I've just discovered @pixelfed and I'm trying it out. It's a promising alternative to Instagram, even if a mobile app missing. The user experience is awesome!


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Pétition Gratuité des soins de santé dentaires

Nous, soussignés, demandons au gouvernement du Québec de mettre en place une politique permettant d’offrir gratuitement les soins de santé dentaires de tous types à tous les résidents et résidentes du Québec.


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Mise en place de mesures visant la réduction du gaspillage alimentaire

D’interdire aux commerces, institutions et industries de gaspiller ou d’éliminer la nourriture viable

D’obliger les commerces, institutions et industries à se doter de plans de réduction du gaspillage alimentaire

D’investir dans l’élaboration des nouvelles infrastructures et dans l’éducation écoresponsable


"Coup de cœur" ❤️

Harleen by Stjepan Šejić. It's a masterpiece and it should become iconic.
Before I bought it, I was skeptical but intrigued and then I was quickly drawn into the deep story and the amazing done drawings. We meet Harleen Quinzel, a nice and innocent psychiatrist and we follow her in her slow addiction to Mr. J.
Šejić did it all by himself.


My "coup de cœur" of the week ❤️
Berserker Unbound by Jeff Lemire and Mike Deomato Jr. at Dark Horse.
Graphism are wonderful, like Deomato knows do it with his very own cutout.
The script is interesting with death and grief like topics, as is often the case with Lemire. But, four issues, it's too short for that and we feel it's rushed. Too bad.
However, it's still a little crush for me!

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One of the most important Mozilla feature. Available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, and New Zealand for the moment.
Thanks to @mozilla to make the Internet better.

My favorite comics of the week ❤️
The Realm. Fifteen years ago, our world was overrun by creatures of myth.
A post-apo high-fantasy comics. A great atmosphere rendered with perfection by Jeremy Haun who made drawings like sketches.
Writed by Seth M. Peck.

Come share and discuss bubbles on the comics community 🗯️

Thks @LemmyDev for this great alternative!

My favorite comics of the week ❤️
Godzilla In Hell. An artistic masterpiece! The Monster meets his greatest adversary. Each issue of this miniseries will see Godzilla enter a new level of Hell.
It's all in the drawings, amazing drawings.
Created by James Strokoe, Matt Frank, Bob Eggleton, and Dave Wachter, and others, each working on an issue.

My favorite comics of the week ❤️
God Complex is a thriller in the futuristic world, with politics, religion, greek mythology and data as topics.
A comics writed by Paul Jenkins with great and dark graphism by Hendry Prasetya.

My "coup de cœur" of the week ❤️
Artifact One by J.T. Krul and Romina Moranelli.
We are following Remi, a young explorer and relic hunter, in a wonderful and colored world. A world governed by an anti-alchemist clergy.


Sorry, I made a mistake. The writer is J.T. Krul and not Krut.

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My "coup de cœur" of the week:
Nu Way by J.T. Krut and Alex Konat edited by Aspen Comics. A futurist story with advanced humans and a background of the duality between the rich and the poor.

My "coup de coeur" of the week ❤️
Pearl by Brian M. Bendis in his Jinxworld.
Great Yakuza's story with an amazing graphic design by Michael Gaydos.


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