I've heard The sponsorship has been ended a couple days ago

Toot-boosting because this is important: if you're a Canadian essential worker (hospital, delivery runner, groceries, etc) then Specialized is pretty okay with giving you one of their bikes. For free. You should visit specialized.com/ca/en/essentia and tell all your coworkers to do the same.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Here's a gesture sketch I made recently. I am not very productive these days, I am not very inspired but sometimes lines I draw still make sense. I suppose many artists struggle like that. Stay strong!


#gesturesketch #pencildrawing #mastoart #fediart

Set Building typically starts with linkning in available assets from various blend files, instancing those into the scene, and positioning them nicely so that they can be picked up and placed. In this episode of Scripting for Artists Sybren explains how to link data from different blend files, how to instance collections in the scene, and even covers the parsing of JSON files to separate the project-specific information from your add-on.


Note to Self: I'm never modeling another kitchen ever again ... EVER!!

I though I would finish this scene in a day or so... maaan!! It's taking me ages!!

I'm bored already and do NOT wanna hop onto an other project without finishing this one.

"I like to avoid a lot of social interactions, so im going to quicksave\quickload through my birthday party and phase through a wall, as any of us would wow u get me.

Worked on the dark rainessancy painting from yesterday, and a new one that will probably called "rain". #mastoArt #creativeToot #traditionalArt #art

software was just going to be a tool to automate all those pesky tasks we do repetitively, and free our time way up, but then it got turned into 2 million different get-rich-quick schemes and now we have arguments over what class-exploitative pocket computer app should bring us food

Assuming the computer behaves, I am going to be streaming for a bit over on picarto.tv/354 while I try get somewhere with this drawing!
Join me maybe 😂
edit: with link now 😂

It is kind of a pain in the butt doing a net-install when you have a 'third world country grade' bandwidth...

I have a feeling this install is gonna be addictive... it was downloading on my machine!!

Dear , I see all your "ambition" - as I saw your ambitions since 1995 and before...

You talked enough, I don't trust your ambitions anymore. Your spoken words filling whole bookshelves and they are nothing worth, even if they were spoken with "ambition".
Shut up now, all participants should go back to their country's and act.

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