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If you want to support the care and feeding of the Hasameli instance, there's a patreon at - and a draft chapter of the book is going up at noon, Pacific time, for backers.

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A distributed social network must not let number games be the primary reputation. Any such system will fall apart when these metrics fail. Instead, reputation needs to be modelled by identity management and knowledge about the community itself. Discovery should be ranked by relevance and not follower counts.

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Ok, really getting ready for work, but a quick question first:

Who's organizing a Tooter Meetup for the Pacific Northwest this summer?

Let's do this, y'all.


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Sometimes these accounts provide running commentary as well on the lolcow developments, like ESPN anchors at a football game.

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Certain accounts on the birbsite exist mostly for aggregating together lolcow amusements. As in, they provide up-to-minute coverage of the latest lolcow antics and lolcow feuds. Of course there is also a lolcow in each of us that wants to get out and moo, but some give in to this understandable internet urge on a more or less permanent basis.

Hence the existence of accounts that get followers mostly as aggregators of such permanent moo'ing.

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So, for all you new users, there's this OStatus thing called "groups", which is indicated with a bang ( ! ), where you can follow, say, a topic (music, security, crypto, games and whatnot), or a specific thing (emacs, coffee etc.), or even a greeting (the tzag group for Time Zone Appropriate Greetings), regardless of who posts about it.

It's a pretty powerful tool, all things considered, and !fediverse and !fedgroups may be of interest for exploring what's out there.

Also, for all you infosec peeps there's of course the !security group, there's also one for !musicians, for !ccmusic, for your current !listening habits, etc.

A limitation is that groups live on a specific instance, though I think there might be proposals to mitigate that...  

what would be really funny would be if mastodon's foreign users were mostly mongolian

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The Ruby library for interacting with the Mastodon client API is in dire need of completion. If you're looking for ways to contribute code, I think that's a good starting point

Hitchcock's The Birds eerily anticipated the social dynamics of the Bird Site

One of my favorite memes recently is the "mess with the ___, you get the ___". They're getting increasingly creative with the animals

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