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Here's me showing both my lack of coordination *and* fashion-sense hula hooping near Tower Bridge.

It's weird being a non-binary trans person with multiple accounts on here and not being sure if the other account is like my drag identity or some shit, or if *this* is my drag identity and the other account is the real one... :thinkhappy:

Here's me showing both my lack of coordination *and* fashion-sense hula hooping near Tower Bridge.

I missed M.S, it's nice having a local timeline again... 😀

Just a general PSA for everyone in the world: hey y'all when you stand up from a chair, push your chair in. Push it in! Thanks!

This piece is brilliant, it's absolutely about Mastodon even if it doesn't mention it by name. It also speaks to why recent attempts to archive portions of the fediverse are ultimately very misguided and harmful.

I'm working on creating a relay for high-quality instances with users predominantly interested in news media, data visualisation and STEM topics, with the goal being to help these communities find similar users without having to follow a shedload of people.

If you're an admin and interested in getting your instance added to the relay, please send me a DM!

Nope, I definitely did not just make EVERY SINGLE EMOJI into a party parrot rainbow interpolator. Definitely not.

Reservoir Dogs:
Reservoir Dogs with suits

Pulp Fiction:
Non-linear Reservoir Dogs

Jackie Brown:
Reservoir Dogs with cash

Kill Bill:
Reservoir Dogs with katanas

Inglourious Basterds:
Reservoir Dogs in Germany

Hateful Eight:
Reservoir Dogs in the West

It's now possible to start your own TV production and broadcast company (with an actual studio with building security, if you wish) with only free and open source software

Open Broadcaster (OBS):
Live video production

PeerServer / PeerJS:
Live video streaming

Video editing

Archived video sharing

Security cameras

Asterisk / FreePBX:

If you want to go open source with hardware too...

AXIOM Camera project:
Very high quality open source platform for studio and film quality video capture

For availability and quantity (I.E. for security cameras or field cameras)

Neuros OSD:
DVR and production recording

I haven't seen a viable open source IP phone project (for SIP and VoIP) that would be drop-in, but with some tinkering, it's possible to build one with a Raspberry Pi

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uspol, profane swearing / rape 

@aendrew @mrgah Our possible new scotus judge is accused of helping arrange frat house gang rapes.
The Trump admin is making parents, family members, housemates and landlords of detained children submit fingerprints to ICE, thus detaining children for a loooong time and deporting them back to dangerous conditions that they fled by themselves on foot.
Trump is rearranging staff in such a way that suggests he's about to fire Mueller.
Is this normal now? I don't know.

@envgen the most popular synths are:

- something that looks exactly like a Roland arranger keyboard/digital piano, except it has 4 additional knobs on it that say "synth" above them

- a range of sixteen eurorack modules with nixie tube displays in them, each costing $450, which when patched together can produce a clicking sound

- a circuit board the size of a postage stamp where you program the synth capacitively by squeezing it. it has a cable coming out with a SCART lead on the other end

The fact Safari doesn't support Intersection Observer in 2018 is downright pathetic.

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