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ICANN granted the domain '.amazon' today, rather than the entire geographic region of the Amazon Basin.

Acts like this are colonial, obviously, but also a slap in the face to early internet promises of global representation + shared power. Its really sad.

#GAFAM #GAFA #amazon

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f*ck i completely forgot to play in the splatfest

Alright, it took me a while to type this up but here we go. There's a new ARG that's popped up on tumblr, and I thought I'd take the liberty to write a bit of an introduction/summary of it.

Here it is... The Xylo ARG: a summary.

I didn’t comprehend what this even WAS at first until it hit me

Augmented reality game

Like pokemon go


Happy 10th anniversary to the greatest game I've ever owned.

I'm so thankful for minecraft, I never would have met or bonded with so many of my current friends if not for the ties we all have to this game... I owe so much to it.

steve & alex revealed for smash tomorrow in the early morning, JUST YOU WAIT AND SEE. IT'S HAPPENING. I CAN FEEL IT IN MY BONES IT'S COMING

this shiloh arg is wild. are all ARGs like this. i have no idea. i don't even know where to look for clues

phew, i'm home... my mom's in town so we saw detective pikachu together!!! it was really great, very cute and a fun interesting story... it had So many pokemon in it. so many. im just sad there werent any mareep but its ok

i saw a jam about making a game with under 2 tweets of code and wanted to try it. here's an undertale-y game in exactly 420 chars of code

i think i've managed to get involved in an ARG on tumblr somehow and i'm very perplexed

i'm dummy does anybody know how to change dns settings within windows, i can't find it

[referring to windows here since my router is stubborn and won't let me change the default dns servers which suck...]

it's likely due to me using a VPN. who knows if they'll actually unban. this is like. probs the only server besides quixol i play on with any frequency

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