I was planning on working on Tangerine today (because work holiday), but I couldn't decide what I wanted to do so I spent a few hours drafting up a vague project roadmap instead.

I put it here if anyone is interested: gist.github.com/Aeva/ab8c18201

This will realistically take me at least a few years to get through on my own while only working on it intermittently in my spare time, which is frustrating to me.


Maybe I should go over this again some other time and reorganize it into a short roadmap of essentials to get to the point where tangerine is useful for making simple interactive games, a separate list for inessential-but-useful low hanging fruit, and divide everything else into "mañana" and "very mañana".

I reorganized the prior outline into something that isn't existentially terrifying to me (despite containing the same stuff) gist.github.com/Aeva/becd6750d

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