There's a bit of eternally recurring FOSS discourse that a project just isn't simply open enough, because too much is done by one person without input from The Community, or they didn't involve The Community from the start, etc. I just think that's funny because the vast majority of FOSS projects have just one person working on them, I think even if you exclude quick sketches and such it's still true.

In the idk 12+ years I've been trying and mostly failing to get various FOSS projects off the ground and actively recruit people to help with the heavy lifting, I've come to appreciate that there's a skill here I don't have. I think at best I've had two other people contributing code at the same time.


I think what has generally worked best is posting frequently about the project in another community's discord. Posting on twitter and presenting about projects at conferences had mixed results, but mostly led to other opportunities. It remains to be seen how different Mastodon is from twitter in this regard, but I imagine it's mostly similar.

@aeva I don't understand that viewpoint, it's hard to contribute code, always
if you think you have code to contribute just make a fukn PR, it's not that hard

@efi contributions aren't just code though. In Tangerine there's a lot of code that is hard to contribute to because the theory behind it is an area of active research, but there's also plenty that's important that doesn't require being an expert on implicit surface rendering, like the Linux port. Using a program and giving feedback is a valuable contribution, and what I'm most in need of right now, as are making stuff with it and sharing, and writing docs and tutorials.

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