free idea: disco elysium mod where instead of drugs and alcohol, the protagonist has a life shattering addiction to gacha and "free to play" games

@aeva EXECUTIVE FUNCTION [Medium: Failure] - Garte can't fucking lock you out if you don't leave the room. Come on, one more jpeg. That corpse will still be there tomorrow.

KIM - Knocks loudly on the door, clearly frustrated. "Detective? Are you in there?"

@aeva I think this is good on its own merits but I fear that if someone did this for real, the gacha / "free to play" thing would be simply viewed as quirky or even endearing and thus possibly culturally reinforce the behavior it depicts. Have you seen the thing about the fatego mascot whose character concept is she has legitimately some sort of gambling addiction

@mcc i'm not familiar with fatego at all, but i agree, gambling addiction is no joke is a meaningful subject to discuss with art, and people mostly don't take it seriously >:(

@aeva So I mean alcoholism is also very dire but Disco Elysium does sort of make a joke about Main Character's alcoholism. But they do it in a way that still seems very conscious that he has a problem and it's destructive. I just wonder if the cultural context is such that you could discuss gacha with the same tone and people would actually understand it in the same way. I'm not sure if what I'm saying makes sense.

@mcc it's kind of funny because when I played disco elysium, the game let me play Harry as a person finally clawing his way out of rock bottom, going sober and "raw dogging reality"; and I found it to be very nuanced and thoughtful as a person who's had problems with alcohol and tobacco. like, electro chemistry is all of the jerks at virtually every party i've ever been to trying to encourage me to just lighten up and have a drink, and the part of me that still wants a smoke

@mcc @aeva so i was a bit surprised that for many players the only take away was that drugs are funny and make you better at your work, because yes, that's also true irl kinda, much like taking out loans puts more money into your bank account

@mcc @aeva it's a beautiful game. it mocked me *relentlessly* for trying to actually go sober, resist having strong opinions, and just focus on actually doing the right thing for the people hurting around him with no hope that they'll ever forgive him, and in the end he saved the day, fixed some wounds in the community, made new friends, and was able to salvage some things with his old peers. it all felt worth it in the end

@aeva That is really incredible :O I'm still early in the game, I should finish it.

@mcc i've been meaning to replay it now that they added more stuff, and maybe try a different build. i'm kind of perversely curious to see what happens if i have harry relapse, but i worry it would cheapen what i got out of it before if it still gave me the same ending

@aeva That's a really interesting point. On the other hand it's possible the same events/script text with a different context would subjectively wind up with a different tone?

@mcc true. also i could try to shoot for the path where cuno joins the party

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