Don't you hate it when you spin up a new instance in and the first thing your server does is look for updates? The whole instance is for the first few hours due to looking to update a brand new system.

I wonder whether this behavior is particular to , or whether the instances suffer a similar fate?

@aeveltstra similar but not quite as drastic as being unusable. Most of the linux AMI images are not fully up to date with everything, so it's advised to spend 5 minutes on upgrading them. Especially if you're using an LTS distribution which receives just security patches.

@aeveltstra ... but yes, it's not an automatic process that prevents you from doing anything else in the meantime. :D

@mariusor The Windows 2019 instance I spun up yesterday basically kept me from interacting with the system until I managed to shut down the automatic updates installer processes. Highly annoying. I really don't want to pay Amazon for time spent updating a brand new instance.

@aeveltstra there must be a Windows AMI with the service disabled and with ShutUp10 already deployed (if it works for W2019). If not, you should make one yourself and avoid the hassle next time.

@mariusor Indeed. Once I'm happy with this configuration I'll make an instance image for future use.

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