: is terrible at .

I've got a that runs as a network user. I've done this a million times and I know how to get Windows to accept it.

This time, I need that task to run a script. It runs statements invoking and commands.

One of those is . It only works on local disks, including mapped drive letters. It does not speak .

So I map a drive. I assign privileges to that network user - 1/4


No dice: access denied.

I try it with my own account. Access denied. I try it with the local admin account. Access denied.

But if I run the directly from : access granted.

So I figure: maybe the network user can't see the drive letter. So I run a as that user. And yes! They can't see it.

That's weird, though. I can see it. The local admin can see it. The network user has full read and modify access - 2/4

What the heck are you doing, ?

At my wit's end, I have an idea. Maybe I can have the script create the drive letter so it will be available during the session? Yes, I can! With the command.

On first try: fail! Drive letter already is mapped - 3/4

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Seriously, what the heck, ? First you tell me you can't access the drive letter, and then when I map it you tell me it's there already? You suck at .

Final solution: unmap the drive letter, and then in the script first map it, then unmap it when done.

Holy moly, Gates et al, did you have to make your system contradict itself? - 4/4

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