@greyor @resynth1943 I browse the web with Javascript disabled by default. I have G.A., DoubleClick, and many tracking and ad sites blocked at host file and DNS resolver level. Done so for years. I am a web app builder. A Javascript expert. I'm fully aware of the danger G.A. and Alphabet present. Everyone else should be too. But how do we get to that point without turning them into web devs?

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@aeveltstra @greyor Well, uBlock Origin is a really good start

That's also why we are working on ReverseEagle

for those who don't plan to use a pihole and pay for a DNS service, I suggest using dnscrypt and if you are a normal user you are fine with nextdns free.
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@aeveltstra @greyor @resynth1943 @emanuel Very interesting to read. I am trying to do similar things myself. Effort involved in hosting all your services, as well as protecting all devices (while keeping them usable) was an on/off task for 3yrs. Settled on a complex setup involving multiple isolated VMs including pfSense, Nextcloud, LOOL (compiled from source), Mastodon, Mailserver and various other things for backup /monitoring etc. Managed to squeeze it all into a (fast) NUC with < 40Watts.

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