Holy snakes, ! That's some gotcha. Did you expect this behavior? Why?

TL;DR: if you create an object (an array or a class instance) in the declaration of a function as a default argument parameter, python creates it as it creates the function and then reuses it for subsequent calls.

That's great for atomic counters, but terrible for suppliers.

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@aeveltstra yeah that's a pretty bad one.. Makes people have to write `None` and then inside the function `if None` somewhere a lot too...

@aeveltstra Yeah, that's bitten a few people I know, especially when they're first learning the language. :/

@aeveltstra it's actually one of the most widely known gotchas, judging by my own experience mentoring people.

@aeveltstra people also tend to panic when they see a mutable object in the arguments and replace it with the None dance described in the article, forgetting that if the function doesn't modify this argument, it may actually be okay.

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