How to Turn your Script into a ():

"Learn how to build a PowerShell GUI with a little PowerShell and free Visual Studio in this step-by-step walkthrough."

Now, personally, I'd handcraft the entire window, rather than using . I do the same with . But it's very nice to see that this can be done.

Drying jalapeño and hot wax peppers for home-made pepper. Our local farmer added them to our veggie box last week. We had to wait with processing them until we obtained gloves...

This must be the stupidest API ever.

How to convert from to java.util.Instant with and .

Just getting the date from omits the time. So we have to read that separately, convert sql date and time to and , and then create an intermediary to collect each , and then convert the result to milliseconds since .


Why privacy matters? "Facebook and Google Trackers Are Showing Up on Porn Sites," reports NYT.

"A new study scanned 22,484 pornography sites and found them riddled with trackers from major technology companies."

We all love watching porn. But does your boss, teacher, or angel investor need to know which type has your preference?

"Twitter vs. Mastodon: On Abandoning the Titanic"

"I vent some frustrations about the 800 lbs blue bird."


My oldest kid left this original on my desk. Didn't say it's there. I just noticed it.

The serves as a marker of where my kid stands in awareness. It shows a familiarity with time signature, key, bars, repeats, notes and lengths. It also shows room for improvement.

Proud is proud.

Garlic scrapes cut and bagged, ready to get frozen. How much time did that take?

: flatten the bags and freeze them laying down. Once frozen, place them upright to save space.

Herbs now: garlic scrapes. Cutting them small to freeze them, and then pull them out whenever we need some garlic taste.

These are dandelion greens. Apparently a green leafy vegetable. Know a good recipe?

Chopping fresh veggies for future processing. First: celery. Washed and getting cut into small cubes for use in soup.

If I were to replace , the competing spread sheet program must be able to calculate time sequences. Suggestions?

"The 'Surveillance Scores' Companies Use to Rip You Off Might Be Totally Illegal."

"The next time you go to buy toilet paper online, an algorithm may decide to charge you $5 more than your neighbor. You’d probably never know. But even if you did, there’s no way for you to find out why."

Woah. I first built this address validator 4 years ago.

I learned a lot since then.

, an electricity provider in my area, provides an email unsubscribe page that REQUIRES , but FAILS to say so. Which leaves us hanging at pressing a button that doesn't work.

They have 2 options. The best option is to make this form work like a regular, javascript-free web form.

Glue your body back together? Yes, we can!

"Researchers came up with a medical glue gun to replace stitches where the 'glue' peels off once the skin is heeled.

The melted polymer works both externally and internally, and is non-toxic, flexible and biodegradable, according to researchers."

Says Adam Neely:
"I worked for the US State Department as a Jazz Diplomat"

"Up-town, funk you up!" by Bruno Mars is the language that unites the world!

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