How often does this happen? American-owned, English-speaking grocery store Shoprite put up a flower pot display sporting a sign titled "Bloem". Bloem is my native language's word for flower. What a nice find!

Hey, ! Each time I want to visit a gym, when my mon is nearly defeated, and gets defeated at about the same time I press the "go to gym" button, the game hangs indefinitely. This happened in last week's update, and in this week's as well. Android 7 with all updates installed.

to Open-Source DevTools:

"Microsoft announced that they will open source Q# compiler and quantum simulators in the Quantum Development Kit to accelerate the progress.":

Black Hole In Space Photo Confirms Einstein's Theory of Relativity:

"Thank the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), which has just produced the first ever direct image of a black hole. This amazing feat required global collaboration to turn the Earth into one giant telescope and image an object thousands of trillions of kilometres away."

Here is a screen shot of the offending survey.
It looks well-made, and the introduction text reads like written by a graduate in social studies. It's quite nice overall.

To wit, see this photo. It shows the same document in 2 differing s.

still forces us to reload the document to enjoy it in the updated system colors, but that may just not be something they can fix, technically.

I've been implementing : a way to limit what logged-in users can see in a dashboard.

You're looking at the same dashboard through the eyes of 3 different people. Each sees exactly what they're allowed to see. Nothing more, nothing less.

This is far more complex than necessary, though, in QlikView.

Guide to Web

An introduction to Web Authentication (), the new API that can replace passwords with strong authentication.

Supported by most major web browsers safe 1, whose vendor claims support will follow shortly.

Yo, deniers: is happening and it does so with ease and efficiency.

Meet "Interlace: A Productivity Tool For and Bug Hunters - Automate and Multithread Your and Bounty Workflow Without Any " by @hakluke.

Via :
At Medium (unfortunately):

Tell me again, , how ridiculous or difficult it is to tell us, the people paying your salaries, what tech we need to pay your salaries?

See this screen shot. A website embedded a video from a video hosting platform. The default text informs us that we need to activate some tech to watch the video, and offers an alternative way of viewing it.

They can do it. They chose to do it. Are you better than them? Do you want to get paid?

"What's new in Java 12? | The blog of a gypsy engineer"

"Let's take a look what is inside Java 12: enhancements in garbage collection, JVM Constants API, default CDS archives and new switch statements."

This is a photo of Charles Lindberg, circa 1920, colorized by Mario Unger:

And it bears an uncanny resemblance to myself and my father.

Yes, , what I want to do is take a whole day to paste into a different server.

fail: shows a nearly empty slate when requesting nearly any link. No images, no account holder's images listing. Just this annoying placeholder.

To fix this, all Instagram front-end developers have to do is add a little blurb: .

Asking some search engine how to know whether my application is running using a JRE or a JDK.

Search engine responds by directing me to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Well done, search engine. Well played.

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