@djsundog @nextcloud I was brought to the NextCloud cult via @mme_yeti_woman and I worship there daily. It is an ongoing Short Duration Personal Savior (ShorDurPerSav).

The last time I evangelized about software as much as I evangelize about NextCloud it was encouraging friends in the early 1990s to get an e-mail address. Which is hardly early adoption for e-mail, but there you have it.

Many free NextCloud servers to try, self host (via @yunohost in my case) not bad.

PS: :jrbd: subgenius.com

@Merristasis Meat is pretty expensive compared to animal products like egg, despite eggs from free-range chickens being a bit more expensive than those produced through exploitation. Eggs contain most if not all fats and vitamins meat contains. Your cost should go down.


I like advocating for a Web without any clientside programming, so it's easier for browsers to protect your privacy/security and render pages to more mediums like speech synthesis. Whilst having an easier time rendering those pages.

Now I want to think through how I would design a system for running sandboxed programs downloaded from the Web.

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If you're appreciating nature you should respect it and do what you can to leave as little trace behind as possible. Not cover it in brightly coloured plastics

Lmao I have pissed off some people by saying stop painting rocks and pebbles with acrylic paint and leaving them in nature spaces.

It's become such a popular thing here, especially with tourists, and every one I've seen has been painted with acrylic. Plastic. They're taking things out of nature, covering them in plastic and putting them back. This is apparently a method of appreciating and connecting with nature.

Just a friendly reminder to people that if you ever consider wiping your phone, you'll lose your authentication software, so... yeah, lesson learned. At least I only seem to have lost my Discord account.

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Xah Talk Show 2019-09-15
rot13, bash, perl, ruby, clojure leiningen, linux Mac Windows keybinding, emacs efficiency

i really love modern tv show editing where quiet moments cant be heard at all whatsoever unless youre at max volume, and loud moments break your speakers. this is a perfect system

silly security training. the correct answer is escort to reception, every time https://twitter.com/Deweyoxberg/status/1169685109621977088

*All* intelligence performs better in a scope, but artificial intelligence is even worse at setting its own scope than humans are

ML algorithms get their reputation for high CPU usage and large data requirements because they are operating on n-dimensional matrices for excessive values of n. Other computational fields avoid quadratic behavior. AI says, "Hold my beer"

Anything that reduces the value of n for an application is going to reduce resource requirements, whether that's making the task more specific or discovering new constraints to apply early in the evaluation process

That's how gatekeepers and rent seekers get made irrelevant

🎶 i've got 99 problems and luftballoons are all of them 🎶

Basically, "notarizing" is a new name Apple made up for signed apps, which means that literally 100% of software for Mac will now have to be Apple-approved


and they're already putting conditions for approving that software, which we should be very thankful they have relaxed or something


Any suggestions on free software to analyze logs? In particular #Apache access and #fail2ban logs?

Since it's text I can do everything I want manually, but I figure somebody else has already written up some scripts for this.


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