I'm incredibly happy to finally be able to talk about this wild thing I've been apart of building for 4 years!


@cwebber I think about these things too. We might be in the same line of business!

I find that some programming languages make immutability and change more difficult than others. I like those that happily support returning a new copy with a value that differs from the original, and leave it to us to discard that original. Or keep it. So we can undo an unwanted change.

My other kid will bring home books from their school's book fair today. I wonder what books I'll see. Emerging readers with a low attention span can run across a wide range of topics.

As a side note: it saddens me that these fund-raisers are necessary to keep school activities running, and to buy school supplies. I pay my share of taxes. Our combined taxes should cover the school's budget a-plenty. Who in their right mind low-balls the budget for primary schools?

@juliobiason Yes, I agree that's a weird-looking API design. Did the designer forget that HTTP verbs exist, when they thought up the endpoints?

With ARM shunning Huawei, this would be a great opportunity for @Huawei to switch to fabing their own RISC-V chips (switching from arm64 to risc-v at the same time).

Updates to the SEO master that pushes his Google Analytics Growth Hacking over the roof by PRing his blog into random projects.

He's apologising here: https://github.com/netlify/staticgen/pull/498#issuecomment-494643142

DENIED here, while also apologising https://github.com/asleepysamurai/yass-gen/pull/1 ("I'm just a coder trying to learn some marketing basics." COME ON).

And because some reason accepted here. https://github.com/stevenalexander/stevenalexander.github.io/pull/3
Seems like he already had success with the staticgen.com repository, altho he got caught, the maintainer let if pass.

Of course I would comment on that PR.

Such a SEO move! I guess if he just searched for "Static Site Generator" and looked for repositories without a link explaining what an Static Site Generator is.

And, of course, that's exactly what he did.

The last one is pretty fun because he just replaces a broken link with his link, but just says "fixed broken link".
Had this guy actually the balls of adding a link to his own blog explaining what a static site generator is?
Just happened something fun with GitHub and my static site generator, Pitch.

Just received an email notifying me that someone made a PR to Pitch. Good!.

But when I check what is it, I'm at start confused.

One reason I love working in tech is that programming skills are valued in many different domains. I've worked in marketing, social media, finance and fashion.

It requires grace (you don't want xkcd.com/793/) but you can explore fascinating fields.

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people talk about love like it's a limited resource, but it's totally endlessly renewable, you can just make more

The more I work in web development, the more I conclude that the majority of web teams are just not skilled/disciplined enough to build an SPA when a static site will do.

Static sites do not have to worry about:

- memory leaks
- the back button / history
- scroll state
- focus state
- page lifecycle (tab freezing/unfreezing)

SPA frameworks should come with a "you must be this tall to ride" sign.

Bad idea of the day: color words based on the average semantic distance of the highest-TFIDF words in their dictionary entries, across parallel corpora in different languages, so that translations are almost the same color

I don't mean this in an elitist/exclusionary way. I think it's a bit irresponsible that coding schools and bootcamps start people off by teaching them React/Angular/etc. It's as if you took a woodworking shop and they're like, "OK day one, you will architect an entire five-story building and build it from scratch."

One verb per URL (and actions described in the URL along the verb) makes a very weird REST API.

@musicmatze Nice for me though: it's through people like you who share their work that I can learn more about Rust.

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