"I think that sex and desire drive everything that we do."
- Slutever s01s07 (Luxury Sex)

Yep. It's up there, towards the top of Maslow's hierarchy of needs... Right after water... and before food.

"I think that dating a dude who is really concerned with your sexual pleasure is literally the holy grail for anyone."
- Slutever s01e05 (Transexuality)

^^This. Absolutely this. Over many conversations with many women, over many years, this comes up again and again.

"... engaging in open conversations about sex & sexuality can be transformative - not only on a personal level, but for society at large. Plus, respectful conversations around sex are just undeniably sexy."
- Slutever s01e05 (Transexuality)

Great episode!

Love this quote:

"No one," Mackenzie said, "'gives' you an orgasm [when in a couple situation]. It’s co-created."

So totally into co-creating orgasms :-)

Was on the convergecon.ca website. Womyns' Ware is one of the sponsors. Awesome awesome logo :-) :-)

Ok, so I'm going through poly articles on Vice...

"What Valentine's Day Is Like When You're Polyamorous"

For me, a ton of flowers and up all night writing meaningful messages for the cards. Totally worth it in the massive happiness given to my partners :-)

Fabulous article!
"​I Grew Up in a Polyamorous Household"

Great sub-heading (what's the bit below the heading called?), too:
"As a kid, I lived with my mum, my dad and an interconnected network of grown-ups who were all banging each other."


Vice seems to have lots of interesting articles. Not the right time to introduce myself yet, but I enjoyed this article on swinging and naturism (naturism isn't mentioned, but the writing on nudity & nakedness is pretty much the experience of naturists).


Just wandering around the Net for poly stuff, and out of the numerous articles I found, this is the one for today's toot:


Of all my international travels, New Zealand was always far and away my favorite. Its natural beauty is breathtaking, but its people and their embrace of diversity shone above all. As a Native Hawaiian, the enlightened path forged between Maori and the west is inspiring. And that it was U.S. exports of white nationalism that fueled this massacre is devastating. #NewZealand

was down. You're sick of chat apps that you don't control.

What can you do? Host your own chat server on with @matrix and Riot chat app!

We teach you how in 8 minutes:

📺FreedomBox Tutorial: Setting Up a Chat Server with Matrix and Riot

The story-oriented finance website CentSai wrote an article on the monetary costs of polyamory


I know several redditers (including myself) were the interviewees so I though I'd share.

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