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Today's fascination: indigenous tactile maps.
These are Inuit and were used when kayaking, feeling them as they paddled along.
The middle one is a representation of a number of offshore islands.

Do someone has examples use-cases of records in vim? (qC)

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How to Obfuscate: What misinformation on Twitter and radar have in common

(submitted by dnetesn)

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"Verizon now owns Tumblr, so accounts using competing phone companies' email will be locked out"

So even though I may be qualified for some jobs, living in France kills it and I can't work from my place. :(

Why are all careers located outside of my zone, hell.

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Torus – A secure, shared workspace for secrets

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Just went by to see the "About this instance" tab because I was curious and I just discovered @Gargron's daily routine is to hunt feddies down lol

(the @zeonfederated mail)

Actually, it's useful pointing out that the French govt actually doesn't recognize the contest vote anymore. I mean, even if it would get most votes, it wouldn't be applied.

As well as some people complaining about potential corruption, lol

This country is becoming a trouble for real

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I actually can't really understand how we let this pass through.

> I vote for one "normal" candidate.
> Not enough votes to get on the second turn.
> I do a contest vote ("vote blanc" in French, if it gets the upper hand, elections are supposed to be hard-resetted with other candidates)
> Macron gets elected


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I'm working on my previous theme I posted some time ago. Now I may use it on Stylish or somewhere else.

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I finally took some time to write custom styling for Mastodon and Tweetdeck.

Mastodon has definitely a way more consistent styling (I guess it's because they had the advantage of starting off with pretty cool features ?).

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Now getting a well deserved sleep. Good night Mastodon.

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