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This would have been a good one to watch!: West Coast v Richmond | Round 9, 2018 |

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#Tusky is performing really well on spotty intermittent cellular networks, especially when travelling.

Meanwhile the "enterprise" software #Slack totally sucks at this.

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Cancelled my Evernote subscription and trying out Turtl - a secure, encrypted Evernote alternative -

I can't even read my book at break b/c some blowhard on TV (stuck on Fox news this week) is mouthing off about the shooting in Texas. Total distraction because of the stupidity of what she is saying.

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Storing 1 million photos (and thumbnails) would take roughly 232GB of space. You could host them all on Digital Ocean spaces for $5/month!

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Exploring video support. (limited to 3 minutes or so)

The only network one could sell a "tactical flashlight" is Fox. Gun owners are suckers for anything "tactical" :)

The 'duck curve' is solar energy's greatest challenge

Well I made it alright. Took longer than I expected. 15mph headwinds will do that :)

31.4miles in 1.48. Not too shabby but am very tired.

Best shot I had during my trip.

Little late heading out but on my way. 32 miles to go!

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best answer to that Wired article on , by Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi:

"Dear @wired. I love @signalapp and yes PGP sucks, but suggesting to people to ditch a decentralised protocol (e-mail) for any centralised protocol (even if it's Signal) is just not the way forward. All eggs in one basket is worse than flawy PGP."

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The code is now public, will work on getting the test instances up ASAP.

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The other day I found out that my local library has no limit on how many items a person can check out at once.

I asked the librarian, "What's to stop someone from driving up with a UHaul and filling it up?"

And she replied, with a grin, "Ambition"

This is a good sign. Hopefully not a one-time thing.

Backed By Democratic Socialists, Two Young First-Timers Win Primaries In Pittsburgh

I know its early days in regards to this type of technology, but I am terrified for my kids. It's bad enough that people drive cars, but this will make things worse.

"The electric car company cautions drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and remain vigilant even while the vehicle is in semi-autonomous mode."

Really? You're giving people the option to mentally check out and then pull back by saying "Still pay attention". If you really want that then get rid of your semi-autonomous bullshit.

There are so many things wrong with this.

Federal Agency Investigates Tesla Crash; Driver Says Car Was On Autopilot

Reminded me of this article from last year. Where 100 mil Americans get internet from one or two companies that have already violated net neutrality.

I love the idealistic thought that doesn’t play out in reality in this remark, "Republicans like Rep. Scott Taylor of Virginia think Democrats are wrong on the policy of net neutrality and that eliminating FCC rules will expand competition and consumer choice."

Yeah thats why T-Mobile and Sprint are trying to merge because of consumer choice...from 4 to 3 🤔