Amazon Echo Dot for kids?

I got an e-mail from Mozilla to put pressure on Amazon to say what they do with the data they collect from children.

How about educating parents as to why the original Dot is a bad idea, and why this is even worse. These children are defenseless in a #surveillance society without the help of their guardians---having every aspect of their being dissected and analyzed before they even know what is happening or that they should care. By the time they have grown and maybe _do_ care, it is already far too late; they are already compromised. Most of the things learned about children won't change into adulthood. And further, Amazon will help to shape what these children become based on how they interact with Alexa, whether they intend to or not.

#children #privacy
Sean [main]

This is why I hate my local schools giving kids Chromebooks or iPads. This is a very bad path.

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