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panel session where people seem to be talking about different ways of sharing a UID... possibly one the weirdest things I've listened to at a conference in a while.

"Open APIs will unlock far more innovation than other technologies, such as blockchain" - for once, not said by me , but by a banking domain expert

Are you, or someone you know interested in developing

An open environmental risk standard?

Ping me if so


On being the change...

"Our own developers are now using these APIs in their own development for our own services. It's a game-changer."

Open Banking ... UK has learned that "just building a technical standard on its own doesn't just create an ecosystem..."

Could have saved years and several £M if they'd embraced this from the outset, as per our original recommendations

Today in — Customer Service Chats Are Watching You Type Before You Hit “Enter”

Is tencent using Norfolk as a test bed for data harvesting, behavioural intervention and... more?

One of the things I think gets vastly overlooked in the whole 'tokenisation of everything' rush is that, not only does it undermine the grey economy, it will lead directly to more taxation. If something is measurable, it's taxable. So, another question for BC folks is "what are the pros and cons of the thing you are tokenising being taxed"

o/h comment from a (well-off, educated) brexit person (not to me): "we’ve heard Project Fear before, it’s nonsense. But yeh people like you could lose money in the short term as a price we - our British nation - pays to restore our sovereignty, and guess what we don’t care"

The level of anger and not-listening-any-more in all directions is deafening.

Consumers don't need to have heard about open banking—in the same way they don't need to have heard of http to use a website: "just 22% of consumers have heard of open banking"

Open banking is not a 'consumer product', it's financial infrastructure.

how many times (from people I don't know) ...

"I'd love to find a way to pick your brain some more - coffee?"

Thinking of setting up my own coffee machine that charges my equivalent hour rate for each coffee. Maybe I should make it a performance piece with the rest of the cafe as the audience?

This chart is likely, if we have a history, to be one they use to describe what we did

"Recreate the Einstein field equation in a google sheet"

I'll leave this as an exercise for the reader.

Bring your brightest students ;)

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