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That little "prrt" cats make when they're drifting off to sleep and you pet them, fave and boost if you agree

liberals idea of coexisting with people who have different views is "my husband is a racist republican who eats nothing but raw beef, while I am a die hard green party supporter" meanwhile leftists are over here like "my friend is a Trotskyist and I am a council communist. let's just say we have agree NOT to talk about the revolutionary shinmin of 1929-1931 ever again!

If Bernie is elected he's vowed to make all ships canon.

little a salami, as a treat
little a pastrami, can't be beat
little bit o' tuna, from a can
little bit o' you makes me your man

richard dawkins 

adding this to the richard dawkins discourse

hey, i got a lot of empty slots in my queue and bills to pay since commissions are my primary source of income rn

I'm home from gaming. It was...just okay. Was still bummed about lack of Lightning. But HEY NEW TELEGRAM STICKERS LIVE courtesy of ScruffKerfluff

Hey did you know that Sahoni (Sahoni_Stuff on Twitter) made a tabletop RPG about mutant powers and the spaces marginalized people make for themselves?

Did you know they have now run a game of it on a podcast? You should listen!

Mmm lot of people are saying "kid" but it still feels too age related to me and I don't like words that are specifically implying blood relation here.
I mean obviously in the broad sense I would use whatever was accepted/comfortable for people, but was sort of looking for something along the lines of how you'd call a dog your "very playful son" or something lol

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Is there a non-binary specific word for son/daughter that isn't as generic/age related as "child" (or as weird as offspring)?
Like, it feels like sometimes a word could be specifically for non-binary people and not just gender neutral?
My large adult enby


its very hard to explain to straight people or older white gays why he's pretty much universally despised by younger queers, but

the best way i can describe it is pete is someone who looked at all that's wrong with american society and american power, was smart enough to see it plain (and gay besides, so at least some sense of how that power has been used), and still decided he wanted it for himself. i don't think i could ever trust someone like that

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Twitter Screen Cap/Edit, Meme, Richard Dawkins 

In Apex Legends when someone pings asking for things, it's phrased like "In need X" and this is where my brain went


basically, since a meme is worth a thousand words:

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[configures every “public” space to have some sort of advertising or forty-year-old boomer rock playing over loudspeakers] “why do the kids always wear earphones and shut out the world”

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