The only good thing in the world today is that I learned about "banana pose" which is just something seals do when they feel safe and content.
Just happy seal things.

This got like 1k RTs on twit and quite a few here as well. Here's the Tumblr post talking from a rescue talking about them doing it. Several people have also said it helps them stay warm/comfy.

Lovely photos. Are they yours?

The usual explanation I have seen for the "banana pose" is thermoregulation. Either because it helps with seal circulation or because the head and tail have less fat than the central part of the body. However, I've not read a scientific proof of the thermoregulation theory.

@aggrobadger the last 2 are clearly dead inside and their banana pose is a self-ware pose that hides the dread and the gloom in their eyes.

I don't know if that is an actual smile or not, but I love that it looks like seals are smiling.


i looked at the thumbnails before reading your text and thought these were pidgeons with photoshopped seal heads.

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