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I got a new Halloween seal art, he's wearing the Gengar hat from pokemon go

I tried to search for Renamon stuff on Etsy for someone and Etsy was like, do you mean Lucario?

I want this bike in specific but even used it's still pretty expensive. Found one for about 9k but it's in Florida.

I was switching out the seat on my bike, and got this weird green grease on my shirt. I washed it in cold water with Dawn, but it still stained. Ideas??

Man, I've only seen two Chimechoes in the wild ever and only been able to hatch one Chingling. Was really hopeful that the encounter in the Jirachi quest would have good IVs, but nah


My car (Acura TSX wagon) next to a Subaru Outback has very strong "you vs the guy she told you not to worry about" vibes.

I have a track record of getting shinies that aren't part of the current event, that I spent a lot of time trying to get two events ago, and that drives me crazy. But I did get a red rat friend and I love them.

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