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cant wait for tomorrow where there will be 5 9/11 jokes and 30 posts asking for content warnings

Two new pins for my lab coat at work. From The Pin Prick at and on Etsy. I might get the rainbow one in this style too. They make awesome understated stuff.

I got an email telling me when the thing was but like
It would have been very easy to miss, gmail threw it into one of those stupid folders

My stupid ass doctor scheduled an appointment without telling me? They should uhhh call??

tired: this game is a metroidvania with a dark souls bent

wired: dark souls was always a metroidvania, making the comment above superfluous

inspired: dark souls is just punch-out with a hub-world

Neil Cicierega video that I love 

It occurs to me that because of the existence of Marvel movies and the hold they have on nerds' brains, I have literally no idea what if any other movies have come out in the last ten years or so.

#commissionme #mastoart #fediart #patreon

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