When the EU lets us stay in (please), or we eventually rejoin, can we please sack off miles in favour of kilometres? £→€ while we’re at it, and why not drive on the right like everybody else? Oh, and Walkers can fix their crisp packet colours.

I am human so any human interest is my concern

Got this fine piece of folk art through the door today; Yacub is also on lots of local lamp-posts and under many windscreen wipers

I think this is some kind of BT facility, love the design

“Max Life” Shortcut for your iPhone (no WiFi/Bluetooth, min. brightness, Low Power mode): icloud.com/shortcuts/bfd850a05

A triumph of user interface on opening a document editor after a reboot. Which button would you press…? Why?

After this complex system failure, the main safety recommendation is that any future changes need to examine *the whole system* skybrary.aero/index.php/B738,_

I approve of commemorative manhole covers in general, and this is a fine example

Some inspiration for fixing your urban environment—"random acts of tidying": guerrillagroundsman.wordpress.

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