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For the holidays, you could say thank you to some of the people who write free software you use, especially software that isn't hugely popular.

Those of us who write little-known software may go for months without hearing from a user, and it can be a little de-motivating.

Hearing from someone who actually uses one's software gives an energising jolt that can carry one through several weeks of darkness and cold and wet.

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Two weeks ago, Australian children went for three days of #ClimateChange protest. Prime Minister #ScottMorrison told Parliament "what we want is more #learning in schools and less #activism."

If you haven't listened to it already:
"You only speak of green eternal economic growth because you are too scared of being unpopular. You only talk about moving forward with the same bad ideas that got us into this mess, even when the only sensible thing to do is pull the emergency brake. You are not mature enough to tell it like it is. Even that burden you leave to us children. [...] You have ignored us in the past, and you will ignore us again. We have run out of excuses, and we are running out of time. We have come here to let you know that change is coming, whether you like it or not. The real power belongs to the people."

15-year-old Swedish climate activist #GretaThunberg addressing the U.N. plenary last night. She has called for a global school strike on Friday.

Alle Jahre wieder?

„Allein in den USA summiert sich der Wert von Geschenken, über die sich die Beschenkten nicht freuen können, auf 16 Milliarden Dollar pro Jahr."

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Since we didn't get very many women, enbies, or people of color to submit talks, the folks choosing talks for the Decentralisation & Internet Privacy track at FOSSDEM 19 decided that we'd like to ask of you:

If you submitted a talk, go ask an underrepresented minority friend/acquaintance of yours if they'd like to give the talk with you/in your stead.

CC @fosdem, can we get a little boost 💜?

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In China, your car could be talking to the government

When Shan Junhua bought his white Tesla Model X, he knew it was a fast, beautiful car. What he didn’t know is that Tesla constantly sends information about the precise location of his car to the Chinese government.

Tesla is not alone. China has called upon all electric vehicle manufacturers in China to make the same kind of reports — potentially adding to the rich kit (...)

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Betreiber*innen von Internet-Diensten müssen Daten ihrer Nutzer vermutlich bald innerhalb von sechs Stunden an Behörden aller EU-Staaten herausgeben. Sonst drohen ihnen empfindliche Geldstrafen.

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« 12 Greenpeace-Aktivist*innen werden seit Mittwoch in der Slowakei festgehalten, nachdem sie auf einem Tagebau friedlich gegen Kohle und für #Klimaschutz protestiert hatten, ihnen drohen bis zu 5 Jahre Gefängnis. Wir fordern ihre Freilassung! ✊ »

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Sieben europäische Verbraucherschutzverbände meinen, dass Google mit seinem Tracking von Nutzer-Standorten gegen die DSGVO verstoße… #Beuc #DSGVO #Datenschutz #Datenschutzgrundverordnung #Tracking #Verbraucherschutz #vzbv
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« "Zu wenig Ehrgeiz, zu langsam: Die bisherigen Anstrengungen im Kampf gegen die globale Erwärmung reichen nicht aus. Machen die Staaten so weiter wie bisher, droht eine Katastrophe." Und ich sage: WIR SCHAFFEN ES! #Klimawandel »

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karlitschek rocks! Thanks for . Thanks for promoting with conviction and heart

Second try to make bathrooms unisex at conference. Yesterday the signs where town down, let's see how it goes today..

Only chance to get a coffee at is to miss a good talk. Only moment when the waiting line is less than a kilometer long 😶

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"freieFarbe/freeColour is proud to have achieved a major milestone in its attempts to liberate #colour. Its CIE-based approach to #color #standardisation has been approved by by the German #DIN as DIN SPEC 16699 (freely available for download after registration under:
This means that, at least in countries that take DIN #standards seriously, there's now a truly open alternative to #Pantone et al. available.
Moreover, fF has created a new Colour Atlas with the addition "XL". It comprises 13283 FOGRA-certified colours. Most importantly, the Colour Atlas is being printed with inks and on materiel that are supposed to last as long as possible and to retain its reliability as long as currently technically possible. (The Swiss and German approach to products)
Each copy of the atlas includes a certification regarding its accuracy, which is very different from colour references produced by commercial colour vendors.
Digital versions of the Colour Atlas and the underlying data can be freely downloaded here:
Enjoy the #freecolour standard!"
Currently all male panel it seems but interesting to see how it #CIE unfold?

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Google cooperates with cops and the feds at the drop of a hat

Google is located in the United States, a five eyes country, so that even if they didn't want to cooperate with international cops, they could be compelled to do so

anything you upload to Google services should be considered in the hands of a prosecutor going after your most active and vulnerable friends

don't put yourself or friends at risk. use Google alternatives


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« The four largest producers of #singleuseplastics wrote to environment ministers, trying to undermine rules to protect wildlife by keeping caps attached to #plastic bottles.

The European Parliament will vote on Wednesday on plans to cut #plasticpollution »

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A while back I built a site that converts RSS feeds to ActivityPub actors that you can subscribe to from Mastodon and other ActivityPub-compliant social networks:

I've now also published the source code:

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