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anyway in other nautilus news it got installed to my computer as a dependency of something (??) and now i have this giant icon in my applications menu


Google Duplex: "Hi! Uhm... I'd like to make a dinner reservation for 3."
Restaurant: "Sure! What time would you like?"
Google Duplex: "it's, uhh... for tomorrow May the 11th at NULL POINTER EXCEPTION."
Restaurant: "Internal Exception: Invalid parameter not satisfying: time".

So, Infinity War turned out to be exactly like Mass Effect 3. All favorite character fighting for survival, killing some, leaving others and...the most disappointing ending ever. That's almost 3 hours I'm not getting back

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Wow, another Fedora upgrade went smoothly. Amazing job Fedora. It's my 4th release without re-installation. I've started with Fedora 24 KDE and did 24->25->26->27->28. Everything still works :)

It's going to go bad any second now...

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Purism and UBports officially collaborate to offer Ubuntu Touch on Librem 5


@gamingonlinux have you heard anything about Frostpunk for Linux? Since This War of mine was available for linux, it's a valid expectation, no? :)

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Finally canceled my Google Music subscription after 1666 days of usage :)

"Hyperion wishes to remind you that it could be much worse" (C) Borderlands 2

So, I've watched The Last Jedi on the plane few days ago and... wtf? It's just as horrible as Force awakens. It still reuses so much from the previous...they are not even trying...why? I liked the Rough One actually, it was a decent movie in a SW universe, but this? There is also going to be a 3rd movie now? Please stop... We already had our disappointing trilogy =(

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Want to learn how to edit video with Free Software?

The Kdenlive team will be holding their spring sprint in Paris next week, and two of the days will be open to the public. Then they are off to Seville, to the annual Libre Graphics Meeting.

Come make movies with us!

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1.6.1 has been released for everybody on Google Play. 1.6.1 fixes a few bugs occuring in 1.6.0. Big thanks to all beta testers helping us find those!

Got a nice plastc deck of Git cards from varianto25. Looks awesome :)

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This is really gorgeous :)))

Tom Hiddleston Makes Maths Sexy!

Honestly, what pisses me off with all Google products nowadays is that they assume their product works. Which very often it's not. And you have less and less control with each update. Even worse, with AI integrations, seems like they also loosing this control. What happened to once good company...