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Efforts to make Aadhaar mandatory for federal topics such as land is primarily serving centre's interest on collecting more algorithmic parameters for NRC building.

Please do remember Aadhaar is the backwnd of NPR. NPR is the first step of
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1/n So Kerala Government has issued an order granting permission for linking Aadhaar with land re…

Q: Who is Carlos Ghosn and why is he an internationally wanted man?

A: just a fraud trying to avoid paying his taxes

Very disappointing that this feature which would have been great for data hygiene for both individual & group chats has been removed for individual chats.

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5 women detained in the community hall outside j5 Besant nagar for drawing KOLAMS with anti CAA/NRC messages.



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Any technologist who asks for linking all databases for analysing data better to provide a imaginary solution to a real problem is a bigot. #Aadhaar #NPR #NRC

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is a stupid Whatsapp educated Bhakt who thinks that only 3-4% pays taxes?

She never heard of :
2.Krishi Kalyan Cess
3.Swacch Bharat Cess
4.Clean energy cess
5.Cess on Tea, sugar, jute etc.

Petrol sold at 78/- per ltr is just 34/- per ltr. before tax!

You can't expect sanity from AndhBhakts.


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I really wish I was wrong about #Aadhaar #NPR #NRC. Unfortunately what I feared has become true. It is not about us vs them, it is about what is right #IndiaAgainstNRC #IndiaAgainstCAA

This is a model that India could adopt. When they switch off internet for the citizens, they should leave a intranet switched on that can be monitored for anti national content.

Are You One Of Avast’s 400 Million Users? This Is Why It Collects And Sells Your Web Habits

I turned off read receipts, typing indicators and even notifications. Life is as it should be. 🤫

The PM2.5 AQI chart that I keep meaning to learn by heart!

Shekhar Gupta digs up the reasons behind the neglect of cities in India - "that cities in India are the colonies of the rural India"

"Bengaluru is forever dug up, Mumbai in decay, why our metros are cursed"

I hadn't looked at the world of desktop Linux in a while. It seems to have matured tremendously and it seems like a lot of folks would be better off using either @elementary
(macOS like desktop) or Mint Linux

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