While many started to criticize "riots" and violance used by blacks in US during their protests, I think these words from Trevor Noah must be heard by all:


My question is this: from what moral position we can criticize such violances?

Dear Friends,
Kindly see the this news as reported by @dwnews

Kashmiris feel 'alienated' 6 months after India 'annexation' #Kashmir 😑😐😏


Facebook and Google’s pervasive surveillance poses an unprecedented danger to human rights

Surveillance Giants lays out how the surveillance-based business model of Facebook and Google is inherently incompatible with the right to privacy and poses a systemic threat to a range of other rights including freedom of opinion and expression, freedom of thought, and the right to equality and non-discrimination.


Sidrah @SidrahDP
In July 2016, 664 people sustained pellet injuries in one or both eyes in .
(Greater Kashmir- 01092016)

What explains this assault to an entire people, robbing them of their sight and their dignity?

Kashmir has never been normal.
Not for 108 days.
Not for decades.

: Internet Shutdown For Over 100 Days A Violation Of Right To Life, Submits Dushyant Dave
Read more: bit.ly/35j99to

No curfew, everything normal in Kashmir: Amit Shah gives status report in Rajya Sabha.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Wednesday told Rajya Sabha that normalcy has been restored in Kashmir. On restoration of internet services in J&K.

Amit Shah said national security is above internet services.

And the upper house was satisfied? Really?

One stands against oppression or reels under it, one day!

Make your choice today

One stands against oppression or reels under it, one day!

Some, motivated US to impose harsh sanctions against Iranian people (in the name of Iranian state). The aim was clear: make people and state confront.

Not all the people who talk about Iranians, care for them.

Be careful

There are some videos, showing some people with mask on their face, among people, carrying gun and shoot. But @bbcpersian
doens't talk about that, doesn't show those. They only share and talk about what is against Iranian regime.

This is not professional journalism

If anyone has some more information on this footage which is shown on Iranian state TV and shared by farsnews, please let me know


Iranian people are suffering to access Free Internet from two fronts: Iranian regime and the USA, one filters and the other sanctions.

If you really care about Free Internet in Iran, oppose both.

@bbcpersian shares the moment a protestor was shot by security forces. Which professional media would do this? What BBC Persian is trying to do?


US government condemning Iranian gvnt action in restricting and cutting the Internet while itself for years, sanctions the Internet against Iranian people.

Hypocracy in action

Don't let them cheat. They dont care about the people.

Shirin Ebadi, the Nobel peace! prize winner, calls for int. society's action against internet restriction in Iran. Where was she when US gvnt imposed sanction against Iranian people for using several internet services?They don't care about people. The project is to pull down the regime in any cost it demands.

#Twitter has been accused of bowing to Indian censorship and suppressing freedom of speech in #Kashmir.

Almost 100 accounts were also made inaccessible to locals in the last two years, spurring claims that Twitter is contradicting the very values it purports to uphold. Since August of 2017, over 920,000 tweets that referenced Kashmir were removed.


Start migration to a freedom respecting solution such as #mastodon.



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