Going to talk about @torproject with my colleague Georg in ~30 min. at FOSS North - the live stream is available at youtube.com/watch?v=gwHvm4OIkI

Very happy to announce the #fossnorth 2020 part II program. We have a range of speakers lined up - check it out here: foss-north.se/2020ii/

We have @ahf and Georg talking about Tor, Carol Chen talking about the Ansible Community, Lars Brinkhoff covering ITS, Simon Ser will talk about Linux Kernel Mode Setting, Ramón Soto Mathiesen will talk about Domain Driven Design, and @bunniestudios will talk about #precursor

Enjoy it all on November 1!

PrivChat Chapter #2 - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Censorship Circumvention
Hosted by Cory Doctorow.

[August 28th ∙ 10:00 AM Pacific Time ∙ 17:00 UTC ∙ 13:00 Eastern Time]


- Felicia Anthonio (Access Now),
- Vrinda Bhandari (Internet Freedom Foundation ),
- Cecylia Bocovich (Tor Project ),
- Arturo Filastò (OONI )

📺 youtu.be/aOOChyMCZH4
🔗 torproject.org/privchat/

@banjofox Those cold summer nights need some external heating. Why not do it while helping some Tor users 8)

Some of the participants brought a warmed up Tor relay and configured it as an exit node on our network! Welcome to the tent floor exit node! metrics.torproject.org/rs.html

The program for 2020 is slowly coming together at bornhack.dk/bornhack-2020/prog - we are still looking for talks, workshops, and music acts! Our CfP with information on how to submit is available at bornhack.dk/bornhack-2020/prog

@ln4711 OpenBSD contains some data structures that are reasonably self-contained, but I don't remember using a HT from there. I would always just bring in glib though as that's usually easier and you get a lot more useful stuff as part of the package.

@MacLemon Hey, did you ever get around having a look at trac.torproject.org/projects/t ? We are unsure if you managed to solve the issue or if there is an issue in the code in TB? We haven't been able to reproduce it.

Hello World! 👋

Greetings from the OONI-verse! 💫 🐙 💫

NEW: Meet the Tor Community portal! blog.torproject.org/community-

Tor's Community portal is home to info and resources for you, the people who make Tor possible.

What used to be buried, scattered across our website, and outdated is now organized, refreshed, and easy to use.

@sporksmith Cool! Added to the planet config. I didn't even know GH had LE integration these days :o

@sporksmith Yep, it's passively cooled via the chassis.

We use it as router, wifi AP, and VPN server at home. It can easily do NAT at gigabit speed on Linux and with an ath10k wifi card I can get around ~400mbit/s over wireless to the internet. We also used it to split up our "work network" (for laptops/desktops) and our "devices network" (which contains gaming consoles, chromecast, tableets, and such).

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