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I’m almost sure that my laptop is sentient and hates me. Otherwise I don’t know how to explain it’s attempt to melt itself when I tried to play a game first time after a really long break.

It's really hard to work when police choppers are circling over your neighborhood. Sad part is, I'm almost getting used to it now, not even curios about it.

Today I had to translate/explain a Turkish meme in English and nothing makes sense anymore.

I’m all for shitposting but this is the only place I feel free enough to shitpost freely. I feel like I could get arrested for it if I do it on Twitter, because I’m living in a really stupid country. Auto censorship on a whole new level.

Hello, I’m fighting with deadlines and I don’t want to think about work on the new year’s eve but it looks like there’s no hope. Hope you’re doing well too.

End of the month reminder: I have a Patreon page which you can help me write more.

Laptop shut itself down while I was working on the couch couple hours ago and now it only works plugged in. But that two minutes between laptop battery dying and me figuring it out probably took five years from my life.

OTOH, I feel like that was my laptop telling me “Ahmet, we had so much fun in the past four years but I want to spend rest of my life as a desktop.”

Weird. I can see all images when I visit Mastodon on Safari mobile but two Mastodon iOS apps I have tried (Amaroq and Tootdon) keeps having problems and half of the images are missing. Not sure what’s going on.

(cc: @eurasierboy @tootdon)

Just discovered while researching something I'm working on, and its wonderful. If you love weird creatures, you're in luck.

Notes on a cartoon: xenomorphs from ALIEN franchise, inside a office building, walking around, sitting at desks, talking to each other, holding coffee mugs, wearing ties, suspenders, pantsuits and on every wall is a variant of the same motivational poster: "The only way out is through"

Status: trying to convince my body this* is not a good time to get sick.

*: While working on a book translation and a speech I’m going to give this Friday.

Hello again everyone.

Just a reminder note that I'm Damien/Wolven. I try to make words about the intersections of technosccience, society, magick, pop culture, &c. I'm working on a PhD in Science, Technology, & Society, because a few great people finally showed me the combination of affective & material support necessary to make that feasible.

The longest of my longform work is up on

#introduction #introductions

I’m going to toot until everyone toots too. Toot toot!

Anyone has a favorite Mastodon desktop client for Linux?

Today in international borders is like every day in international borders: arbitrary shit decided by other people, ripping families apart.

borders kill.

When I first signed up, I was scared that Mastodon will turn into something like Diaspora or Ofc it’s not something huge but definitely much better and successful for it’s first year. Hope it’ll continue to grow like that. And I hope I’ll start using here more often.

TL;DR: Happy birthday Mastodon!

Don’t know why but I’m usually checking my Mastodon app late in night. Either my mind just wants something calm or I’m like “What else do I have to check before calling it a day?”

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