@fdroidorg thas great. Hopefully updating apps could be less heat generating and that the "update" button was more responsive.

@dappledaily is making a great job of listing articles from the shutdown newspaper Apple Daily, I hope there will be a search engine so it makes it easier to find articles.

We need to help HK to be freed from communist rule.

@schestowitz you still need to be a local user logged into a console to exploit the Xorg server vulnerability.

rebuilding 2000+ packages takes forever...

@oviked vote for Democracy as and her friend are spreading lies, see the mail headers uses microsoft exchange version which never was released.

@telepolis seems there was some meta data from Russian version of microsoft office in xml files plus.google.com/+LaraLazarOz/p

@mcscx and that Trump will be renting space in the Trump Tower NY to pentagon so they will have space have their equipment to protect the first lady and son

@mcscx yes, his business interests will always go before the nations interests.
Seems one of his sons wasted a good deal of the state money when he went to South America:

@mcscx he will also be the pawn of those who he owns a lot of money, which means

@predef horrible and few really noticed it happening.

The biggest danger with is that is telling him all the lies, creating fake news which his lapdogs to followers spreads and he sits there as the spider, controlling all the threads without anyone really noticing that we have dictated to us, a new era where free thinking will be forbidden and all have to slave like those in labour camps in .
All this for some stupid 40's white men who are afraid of globalization and cooperation

Gosh, Black Friday was a disappointment over here, not much of discount, nothing compared with last year

@RicardoSimoes oh, and I got my osquery code merged into facebooks repository. :)

@RicardoSimoes so there are loads of features missing for a proper social media platform. I remember that DARPA had one open source social media platform too, just forgot the name.

@RicardoSimoes seems quite twitterish, but longer messages than an original SMS which was just limited to 160 characters.


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