okay ill post a few lps now bc im feeling real manic rn but anyways here were some of my faves !! i still have them somewhere i think

I LOVED DINOSAURS AS A KID so I was so excited when I got this lil guy!! I named him Steggy!!

heres Lovey!! i got her for my birthday iirc, along with 2 webkinz keychains !! she's adorable

this is Snowy!!! <3 I got her pretty late into my webkinz collection but I love her all the same

this fluffy gal was, in fact, named Fluffy. I always said she was Snowflakes sister since they both have ribbons!!

I named this one Brownie!! I also had a littlest pet shop that was a brown horse with the same name ncjdckdc so that was my thing,

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