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The fucks the deal with the UK (and thus Irish) release of Ant-Man being a month behind the rest of Europe?

I regret to inform you that Top Gun is not a good movie.

German police raid homes of Tor-linked group's board members | ZDNet

One board member described the police's justification for the raids as a "tenuous" link between the privacy group, a blog, and its email address.

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There goes my hope for #KaiOS (a fork of FirefoxOS).

“Google Leads Series A Investment Round in KaiOS to Connect Next Billion Users”

#Google #FOSS #FuckOffGoogle

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I put olives in my Lunchable. Now it's charcuterie
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McMoon: How the Earliest Images of the Moon Were so Much Better than we Realised – World of Indie

The story of how NASA intentionally blurred publicly released photos of the moon to avoid letting the Soviets know how good their satellite photography technology was at the time AND how the original images are being digitally archived. Quite fascinating.

#space #NASA #moon

Oh, why did I think food court Asian food would be a good idea?

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I'm gonna add dat:// and gopher:// to linkable protocols in toots. IPFS hasn't decided on a URI format yet, I don't think anything else needs this treatment?

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"What is the IP address of your analogue phone please?" 🙃