Killarney National Park is looking well today.

"Teddy bears that connect to the internet. Smart speakers that listen to commands. Great gifts—unless they spy on you. We created this guide to help you buy safe, secure products this holiday season."

What is the specific date of Armageddon according to Douglas Adams?

The Boring Talks: Boring Talks #01 - The End Of The World

@yogthos It's funny but it doesn't really take into account all the transhumanist / ultra-capitalist / military / surveillance aspects of Google into account. Omitting those may be harmful in the end.

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Brand new, coming to Nextcloud: two-factor auth via Nextcloud Notifications!
Use an existing, logged in device, to approve logging into another. No more entering codes in a short time or waiting for a SMS to arrive!

capitalists: under communism, you'll have to share your car and your home with random strangers!!!

capitalists, 30 years later: now you can share your car and your home with random strangers, this is Innovation

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Google to charge hardware makers up to $40 per device for Android mobile apps

"Google is also offering separate agreements to cover some or all of the licensing costs for companies that choose to install Chrome and Google search on their devices as well, according to a person familiar with the terms." 🙄 @aral @Xeni

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What the fuck is a cryptozoologist? There's no animal that cares about Bitcoin. Show me a giraffe that gives a shit who Satoshi is and I'll show you a lie.

Here is the GPD Pocket (on left running #Ubuntu 16.04) and the GPD Pocket 2 (on right running Windows 10) to compare keyboard layouts. The Pocket 2 is still a bit unusual but a huge improvement over its predecessor 👍 #WimpysWorld

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