the future we wanted: *smooth robot voice* your housing unit is clean, sirs

the future we got: *roomba gets itself stuck under the coffee table by knocking the hot pads off and then running over them and then whines at my phone in computer*

Jesus Christ, I should have known this would be a shitty week for Linux-based podcasts.

Protip: no organisation that actually values your privacy will have a popup that says “we value your privacy” on their web site.


Wait, when did O'Reilly drop their own DRM free store in favour of Amazon?

Netflix should keep the 10 episode season length going forward. Felt like it moved at a better pace, no midpoint lag.

Give Rachel Talalay one episode of Iron Fist and its right back to hooded, ancient, lost civilisations.

I googled 'Curiosity killed the cat.' I was not disappointed.


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Ext4 can handle maximum 63 🤨s in its file name.

“Is the data you collected GDPR compliant? Share it with us to find out”


One more auth system that will give you nightmares...

This JavaScript code powers a 1,500 user intranet application.

The longer you look at it the more insane it gets.

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