Watching The Sum Of All Fears. *Totally* forgot it was only 8 months after 9/11.

So it looks like neither Firefox nor Chromium are accessible under GNOME (silence on the screen reader). What’s worse, it doesn’t appear that Overview mode is accessible (tested on Pop!_OS). You cannot use the search on it (e.g., type software – the s disabled speech).

Does anyone know where these issues are being discussed?

#GNOME #a11y

Let's say it all together now:

A fingerprint is a username, not a password

What in the absolute fuck...

Indigenous women kept from seeing their newborn babies until agreeing to sterilization, says lawyer

Narrator: No one could have foreseen the disastrous convergence of "milkshake duck," "milkshaking" fascists, and what this meant for the boys who were brought, against their will, to the yard, who were like, "It's better than yours"

Does anyone here remember when tobacco and alcohol companies got in trouble for using cartoon characters because they were normalizing and monetizing toxic, addictive behaviors for children?

Microsoft's digital assistant is named Cortana. Cortana is a character from a video game franchise. Cortana is also one of the core features that Microsoft uses to data mine people who use Windows 10.

Spider-Man: Far From Home 

Spending this beautiful, warm, sunny evening installing Kubuntu 19.04.

Star Trek: Discovery 

Star Trek: Discovery 

some fuck domains available under 30$ 

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